Topics & Lectures

Our three-day school will introduce participants to the theory and practice of three topics of key importance for massive stars. Each day will focus on one topic and consist of lectures as well as hands-on excercises:

    1. The first day will focus on stellar structure and evolution, ranging from the underlying physical principles to their adaption in modern codes.
      An introductory lecture will be given by Sylvia Ekström (Université de Genève).
      Hands-on training will be led by Matteo Cantiello (Flatiron Institute, New York City) and focus on running stellar evolution calculations with MESA.


    1. The second day will cover stellar atmospheres and winds, including the physical concepts and numerical challenges.
      The introductory lecture will be given by Joachim Puls (LMU München).
      Hands-on training will be led by Andreas Sander (Armagh Observatory) and cover how to run and interpret stellar atmospheres calculations for hot (O, B, WR) stars with PoWR.


    1. On the final day we will cover how to use evolutionary models and results from atmosphere codes to construct Population Synthesis models across Cosmic time.
      The overview lecture will be given by JJ Eldridge (University of Auckland).The accompanying training will cover how to make predictions for observations of unresolved star clusters and distant galaxies with BPASS.


Further details and outlook speakers will be announced in the near future.